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Solo Rio

SoloRio is a new Americana'n rock  stone soup collaboration band based in the North Bay Area, California. The band consists of C. Cameron and Brooks Anderson, Andy Tester, Andy 'Dru' Rodgers, Jay Young and Gary Kaye. Drums (Jay Young), Percussion (B. Anderson) and bass (Tester) conspire in a dynamic heartbeat while adding voice to the four-part harmonies this band is known for. Cameron's dobro phrasings, banjo patterns, and harp expressions bring tasty atmospheres and unexpected dimensions; while Rodger’s guitar, mando and cosmic ukulele resonates to pad and drive the sonic stories. Kaye's tasty peddle steel warmly molds and joyously dances throughout. Fronting SoloRio, Andy2 and Cameron each lead original works with strong harmonies. The band is known to be often joined by renowned local musicians for a spontaneous busk!

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