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Walking Mirrors

“Connecting to Community through Live Music”

Our music, like our band members, is rooted in our connection to community.

In that spirit, Walking Mirrors donates all ticket proceeds to local non-profits. Our 2022 Sweetwater Music Hall, Hopmonk Novato and Rancho Nicasio shows directly benefited Sweetwater Music Hall, Bridge the Gap CollegePrep, Nicasio Volunteer Fire Dept, and Redwood Credit Union Community Fund.


At its core our original music is "Reflective Rock n Roll," and the songs touch on many areas of our lives; from internal struggles and external madness, to acceptance of truth and realities, to finding ways to just go with the flow. Ours Setlist includes about half originals and half classic rock covers.


Craig Bartock (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Band Heart)
Angeline Saris (Formerly w/Zepperella)
Jeff Campitelli (50th Greatest Drummer of all-time: Rolling Stone Magazine)
Mark (Raised in San Anselmo) and Aidan Nelson 

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